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Why Local Video Marketing?

Almost every business owner has spent some time watching a video on the Internet. Even though 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, there are many reasons that every business needs to be using this marketing tool. Here are the six of the most popular reasons for using local video marketing.

Use Videos to Pre-sell

The first reason that a business might want to consider using local video is to pre-sell. When costumers come into your business ready to buy, they can quickly become customers with very little extra effort from your sales force. There are several ways in which this can be accomplished. For example, you might want to offer a product review from someone who already has credibility in the community, you might have someone sell a personal experience with a product or you might offer a case study. All these techniques can easily be done with local videos.

Videos For SEO

Videos are great for search engine marketing. Every business owner knows how important it is to be ranked on the first page of major search engines. Now, research has shown that having a video on a web page makes that 53 times more likely. In addition, research has found that web pages with video have a 41 percent higher click through rate. In fact, researchers have found that one great video is worth 1.8 million words in a blog.

Video To Cross-Market

Business owners looking for the most value for their money need to consider video. In many cases, the video text can be used on the web page. In addition, screenshots can be taken from the video and used in other places. It is easy to take the video and turn it into a PDF download or a PowerPoint presentation.

Video For Product Demonstrations

Local videos make product demonstrations come to life. In some cases, it can be very hard to show a customer how something works inside a business, but that becomes very easy with a video. These videos can be used to highlight product features by creating a library of resources for the consumer. In the meantime, customers love to do business with experts and video libraries are a great way to prove you are an expert in your area.

Video To Make A Personal Connection

Videos allow business owners to make a personal connection with their potential customers. When a potential customer watches a video in his or her own home or office, something magical happens. The customer begins to feel like they have a personal relationship with you and people love to do business with their friends.

Video To Create Website Awareness

Videos are a great way to increase website awareness. If you use an entertaining video to make a point, viewers of the video will likely pass the video on numerous times. Each person who sees the video will then pass it on to his or her friends. It is common for a great video to have over 5 million views in less than 48 hours. That is 5 million potential customers have been introduced to your site.

There are many great reasons to use this local marketing tool. While these are just a few of the great reasons to use video, there are many others that could be cited. The bottom line is that over 4 billion YouTube videos are watched each day. Add to that the number of videos that are online that are never posted to YouTube. Make one of those videos yours for the best impact for video marketing!

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